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Something Amiss


Kiss Kiss



A miss


I’ve received





Kiss Kiss

Nothing amiss

Nothing perceived


Play Time Is Forever


I want to play



I will have fun

Watching rising sun


I leap from roof to roof

Falling to the ground


Skinning my knees

Dirtying them


As my hands

And Close


By me

I see



Its fun


To poke

And Grab


And throe

And find


A miniature pagoda

Covered in mud


A house

Filled with flood


A bone to picks

Im barely sicks


My friends are gone

I dont know where


Mom is sleeping

I go creeping


The rising sun

Is having fun







You ask me what is said

In a language some dread

What do they want?

Is your hidden taunt


I tell you what I have read

Of translations that are said

You tell me you don’t believe

All the information you receive


My mind thinks of the sky

Soaring with those that die

Searing in the fuel

And I think you a fool


As you metaphorically say

You aren’t sure it is those that prey

Are worse than those you see below

In the area that is a ghetto


Where the cops in the street

Choose your brothers to beat

And your sisters to jail

Under falsely set bail


You want me to fall

Upon your brick wall

And say they ain’t bad

That it is my mind that has been had


Now you are mad

When I talk to you bad

You think your argument is complete

Dialogue is a two way street


The Mirage


I went to the lake

For the sun blazed hot

I went there to slake

My body in wet spot


I need watery drink

Clouds starting to pass

How long I now blink

And adjust eyeglass


A mirage I see

Damn my bleary eyes

The wind blows breezy

Two lakes I surmise


Heat flames my skin red

Freezing my hot body

I’ll make no beachhead

I drink more toddy



The Cone of Silence


A wake in


The Cone of Silence


I want to touch you

Only in my dreams

You will melt in my touch


I cannot see

The cone of silence

I see all around us


Xerxes had 300 men

The Emperor

One Sixth as many


I will die

At Thermopylae

Just the same


Tears cool

The glowing rods

In my eye


I do not fear death

I fear

I will never see you again



Charted Planes For One And Not The Other


In just a few pages

A trillion in wages

Deigned Capital sages

Destined for Gold cages

Managed by Hank’s mages


Thirty times is the less

To save jobs in US

Manufacture Prowess

Is met with Great Distress

Hypocrisies caress


When people polls said no

To Paulson’s Wall Street show

We were told it must go

By all those in the know

Or the world it will blow


When some polls disagree

For auto industry

At one thirtieth fee

Knower’s scream out “ You See!

It’s A bad plan for Thee!”


Politicians all jet

As do the Wall Street set

They Spill billions to let

Their executives get

Chartered planes with no fret


Is this a Double Standard that we face?

Tax dollars it pays from friends in high place




Baron Munchausen


What Has become of The Baron?


Baron Munchauesen


Never visited



What Has become of The Baron?


The Baron it seems


Conference inside

The Beltway


What Has become of The Baron?


The topic Baron


Is in bullying in



What Will become of The Rebels?


The Right Ordinary Horatio Jackson


Speaks to the Anti Merrill Lynch at



What Will become of The Rebels?


Horatio Jackson


Says we have virgins for thee in



What Will become of The Rebels?


Horatio Jackson


Says this proves the need to fund diplomacy in



What Will become of The Baron?


Baron Munchauesen


Says Open the Air Force Gate in

The Strait


What Will become of The Baron?


Horatio Jackson


Says Learn how to deal with bullies in



What Will become of The Baron?


Baron Munchauesen


Dies on his way to





I got an American


Green Card



There is a balance

I shall not pay


More than the minimum


Its OK

For those before me

Did not pay


I charge away

On wedding bands and hay

My freedom shall be

Trade for union matrimony


I strike a balance

I shall not pay


More than the minimum


Its OK

For those before me

Did not pay


I got a World





There is no balance

Us shall pay


Less than the minimum


Its OK

For those before me




Just a Matter of Coarse


In Public

A Horse

Is Just a Horse

Of Course

The Discourse

On the Horse

Is Public



I’m just a gift-horse

To look her in her mouths

It’s my magnetic force

My gravitational force

There’s no police force

No Royal Air Force

To interrupt my tour de force


In Public

A voice Hoarse

Is Just a Hoarse

Of Course

The Discourse

On the Hoarse

Is Public


Over the corse

From the horse






The donkey rebirthed fraternal twin

Which is one with original sin


The he is blustery loud and mean

His push for personal gain is scene

Through due process media machine

Governs conviction for love of green


Award of the seat is her new aim

Where taps don’t exist she uses fame

Spreading wealth and power from her name

Buying upper house life is her game


Running an auction we do defame

Isn’t buying the seat just the same?

Soap Bubble


A Soap Bubble Is Cursed

To a Destiny Blown

Molecules Redisbursed

By the Chaos Pre Sown


Dot Bubble Twas not First

Com Port of Recent Time

Oil Bubble Slaked no Thirst

For Futures Future Crime



There was the Apogee

Bubble Property Free

Sold as security


New Soap Blown Today

We can afford to pay

Tomorrow so they say

The American Way


Slick Red Covered Bubble

The Biggest Soap yet Blown

Portends the Trouble

POP! No longer A Loan



Solar flares



Solar flares erupt from the sun

They rocket through space

Their magnetism stops time for a moment

As the earth is showered with the sun’s rays


The Mantel Clock

The Mantel Clock

Still Operates

Face and Hands Rock

Never Abates



Is The Winding


Never No Minding


Clock Maker Waits

For Time To Stop

Motion Creates

Cause of Bishop


Time Goes Around

Face That Is Blank

Emotion Not Found

Machines Don’t Thank


Time Will Not Tarry

Break Down to Come

Owners Carry

Life Burdensome


Timepiece Created

Cannot Tell Time

No Life Mated

Time Is The Crime


The Southern Pond


The Southern Pond

Sand Hue Blond

Once It Was Red

Fantasy Bled


Delilah Named

A Lake So Famed

For Cleanliness

Lovely Caress


Visitors Roam

Beaches Do Comb

Tangle And Muss

Accenting Fuss


While Scissor Kick

Never A Prick

Of Human Harm

Just Twangy Charm


Tree And Flower

Regain Power

Delilah Slice

Trim Line Real Nice


From Razor’s Edge

Neatened The Sedge

Extreme The Pay

Groomed This Way


Night Passes By

When Sun Does Fly

Far Far Away

Return When May


Sun Receives Rays

Infrequent Days

Sent to Beyond

From Southern Pond



Tree Hugging


People must hug trees

Those who don’t

Have a disease

No matter how cold they are


People must not burn coal

Those who do

Suffer black lungs as a toll

No matter how warm they become


People must not hear the wind

Those who do

Damage ears and eyes for chagrined

No matter how calm they are


People must not pass gas

Those who don’t

Explode from Intestinal mass

No matter how clean they are


People must not exude oils

Those who do

Are covered in boils

No matter how far they travel


People must worship the sun

Those who do

Have skin cancer when done

No matter the dark still comes


People must not use the atom

Those who do

Explode lamella stratum

No matter the size of their rod


People must live in caves

Those who do

Are already in their graves

For matter they don’t want to hug trees



(First pass draft 4-24-2011)

Easter Arrangement

I won’t utter a Word
Of judgment
About the Easter flowers arrangement
Before the altar
I’ll just look at them

The hydrangeas are smaller than the rest
Of the flowers
They are so proper with their pink blooms
Showing their inner
Sense of naivety

Above them stand
Red and white carnations
Framed by ferns

The white carnations stand jealous
Of the red carnations
Pink promenade

Gold ribbons
Tie the arrangements

Sunflowers stand off to the side
Of the tabernacle
They are tall
With big faces
No wonder they are not
Tied at the altar

Crowning the holy dais
The lilies
Like god
They are white
In full bloom

But! Oh!!!

The bluebells
In low shaped vases
Displaying long stems
Father shall burn them

Tug Boats

The SS Michael and
The SS Phyllis together
Boats to dock
But never from their harbor

At sunrise
Leaking oil
They slowly chug
Puffing steam
They sail to sea
What is in their bay

Flotsam and jetsam and spadesam
Are seen and picked over
There is no need to put out
Diving for sunken treasure
The naval museum is already filled
With the issues of years

Slowly the circle the boats
Reading the writing on the
Spine of the vessels
Discerningly reading
The passenger lists

The line is cast to the SS CH
“Is Skink aboard?”
They ask Captain
As they tie the
One liner fast

“Not this trip
Maybe next voyage”

Not still
They tug
Speedily through stormy weather
Rough seas
Star Island
Looking for uncharted waters
Of Florida

With port in hand
And mind
They dock their cargo
Until riding the seas again



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