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H & Job

Politicians speak all the time about the need for “education” and “jobs.” This novel is about what having a job is like for many people.

The protagonist hires in at a Tier 1 Global Manufacturing Company employing thousands of people. The protagonist takes charge of estimating to help turn a non-profitable company into a profitable company. The protagonist is successful in this endeavor.

What was the reward for the protagonist? To the loudest and the most antagonistic go the spoils; not necessarily the hardest working and most honest employee. The corporate decisions turn tragic for many.

So much for getting a (H &) Job.

The Old Ones

The Old Ones are no longer restricted to Innsmouth and the Deep.

The protagonist discovers tales of the Old Ones.

There is:

The Ostrich-Eyed One from the Nan Sea who devours the fetuses of illegal immigrants

The Thin Hirsute One in the Sierra Nevada’s feeding on the flesh of travelers.

The Texan One in the bush that hunts at night

The Mountainous One in Cumberland, MD, that lives on Washington Street.

The Patriarch One in Washington, DC, with the human sacrifice altar

UnManifest Destiny

Capitalism dictates constant expansion but American political philosophy has abdicated any concept of expansion. What will be the 51st State in the Union, and why?

Honduras is under attack from Chavez funded guerrillas. The Honduran government is being run by a group desiring permanent dictatorship. A Honduran appears who advocates that Honduras become the 51st State of the United States. Who is this person? Is he CIA or NSA funded? Or is he truly just a charismatic Honduran who sees Statehood as a path to a better life for Hondurans?

The UN is up in arms over such a proposition. So are liberal factions in the USA who argue that such an acceptance of the US Constitution is a return to US Imperialism. Regardless, how would such a melding of nations occur?

The malaise in the US political environment is because the current US political environment has no future vision for the country. Expansion into outer space has been abandoned. Land expansion on planet Earth has been abandoned. Abdication to the UN is the call of the Left but the UN is more corrupt than the Democratic Party. On the Right there is a constant call of Strong Military and Lower Taxes and Less Government…but to what end?

The Worst and The Dumbest (aka CAPitaljisM )

MBA theory teaches that the role of the CFO of a Corporation is to take on as much debt as possible to maximize shareholder value. During the Financial Crisis there are news reports about how we need to “get banks lending again.” Lending…for what? Is there even a product that the lending is to take place for?

Prior to “professionalization” businesses made and sold tangible products for profit. Now? Now the business of corporations and governments is to have debt for the sake of debt. Oh, and to utilize the corporate structure and “compensation commissions” to maximize the compensation of the few at the top of the corporation. The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.

David Halberstam wrote the “Best and The Brightest” arguing that a generation of such were killed in Vietnam. They were replaced by “The Worst and The Dumbest” and look where America is today!

Where is the economic model that states what the overall compensation structure of a corporation should be to maximize the long term interest of the organization? For the “oligarchal” corporate giants it somehow doesn’t matter because no matter what the 3 year performance of any Tony Hayward was the corporation will massively reward the performance. If the performance bankrupted the oligarchy then the government will bail out the corporation, and the capitalists retain their cash and are happy.

CAPM follows the path of some real nasty students through their career to the top of the pyramid as they follow the current corporate economic theories and screw everyone else in the process.

The Salvador Dali Cypher

Once upon a time there were three sexy sisters who are good witches with magical powers.

The eldest is Plewd. She can use her mind to move things.

The middle sister is Piperswife. She’s had some tricks up her sleeve!

The youngest sister is Pfeelmi. She is an empath.

Together, they are the Ample Ones!

Follow their adventures as they “cube” around the globe to meet the Colossus of Loads as well as the Gifted Ones as they chase around the globe seeking the hidden Cyphers in the works of Salvador Dali including the big secret in Dali’s The Last Supper!


The trilogy concludes with scenes starting in Weeki Wachee and working their way to the biotechnology corridor of New Jersey.
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