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Donald Duck Lays a Golden Egg

The Donald is creating headlines by his appearances and statements regarding a desire to become President of The United States. The reason that The Donald states that he will make this Presidential run is because The Donald loves America. In fact, his love of America is so great that The Donald has sent an investigative crew to Hawaii and elsewhere in search of the Obama birth certificate.

The United States is 17 months away from the next Presidential election. The question is…at this point in time…how does proving or disproving the birth place of President Obama “help” America? Suppose it is discovered that Obama was not born on US soil. Then what? Would it “help” America to throw out every Legislation and Executive Order signed by Obama?

At this point in time America is not “helped” by an attempted undoing of the last 2 1\2 years. Also, if the best tactic of an election campaign is to base a portion of the campaign upon a “birther” argument then the campaign already is weak. There are so many hypocrisies, such a lack of vision for a strong America for the future, and such a demonstrated pandering for votes at the expense of America by the Obama Administration that one shouldn’t need to run on the “birther” argument. Performance has consequences.

With the mess that the US is in right now the US needs leadership to move the country away from the divisiveness that grips the country. The “birther” argument is an argument of “hate” and not an argument of “love for America.”

The curious observation of the “birther argument” that this one American Voice divines is that not one pundit ever seems to discuss the Federal Election Committee (FEC). The FEC is responsible for certifying the Federal Election. It does seem a bit of a stretch to think that any US Government agency is competent but some documents must have been filed with the FEC to verify the Obama citizenship. Ask yourself: What media individual that you are aware of is questioning the work or the documentation of the FEC? The FEC should be put into the spotlight in it for it is the FEC that must certify citizenship.

This is strangely similar in certain respects to the Shirley Sherrod case. For those of you who don’t remember Shirley was forced out of her Government Job after Breitbart released a video of a speech of hers. In case you are not aware there are Federal Laws about how employees can and cannot be terminated. The Securities and Exchange Commission can’t fire employees who search porn while on the job but Shirley was terminated…excuse me…forced to resign…within a matter of 24 hours. The agencies that forced Shirley’s resignation obviously didn’t perform a proper review of the facts of the media hoopla as it came out after her termination that Shirley was discussing in her presentation events from twenty years ago.

Ask yourself: What media outlet do you recall arguing that the employee rights of Shirley Sherrod had been violated by the Federal Government? There was much talk of Shirley suing Andrew Breitbart for releasing the video which resulted in the termination but Andrew Breitbart did not fire Shirley Sherrod. The Department of Agriculture terminated Shirley. Her case is against the Federal Government and not Andrew Breitbart.

In both cases the media is used to promote a cause. The Donald wants headlines and air time on media outlets so he declares, among other things, “birther.” The Obama Administration wanted to defend Shirley Sherrod without admitting culpability so they attacked Breitbart. (If you can’t see the Obama Administration’s fingerprints all over the Shirley Sherrod termination then so be it.)

The problem is that the media and the watchdogs only live for the moment. They present an image and illusion. This evokes the teachings of Shaolin Abbott in Enter The Dragon:

Remember: The enemy has only images and illusions behind which he hides his true motives. Destroy the image and you will break the enemy.

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Hi All,
Just thought I would share a little thought from my heart on Why I write.

This is my article for the May 2011 Newsletter and I trust you will be blessed as you read it.

Do also pass any comment BUT do remember I am 68 yrs. old and be a little kind (Ha Ha). You just give it as it comes because I enjoy a fight!.

Look forward to hearing from you all and maybe you will think of a similar article and we could make the June Edition a topical one on Why do I write?

Why I Write (Poje, 4/17/11)

Writing is a form of communication. This form of communication has traditionally been the basis of communication between humans at the highest form of communication levels. Throughout human history Epistles, writings directed or sent to a group of people, have been important methods of communication.

Every author is, in essence, writing their own Epistle. Authors create writings that they will feel will influence people. In my opinion the key is: What is the purpose of the document being written? Without a purpose to the document the document has little appeal. The writing without purpose is akin to a poorly constructed house. In a short period of time Time the Avenger destroys the house. Writing with a purpose builds a house that stands the test of time.

The relevance of this belief was brought to the fore for me by watching and re-watching the movie Videodrome. Videodrome represents a sadomasochistic program with no plot. The show makes Hostel look tame. Max Renn, the character played by James Woods, cannot stop watching it. He wants to broadcast it over his cable TV channel. He thinks it is the “next big thing.”

I think the Videodrome authors were prophetic. The term “Torture Porn” is now part of the film industry lexicon. The term means that the existence of the film is only to show torture just as pornographic film only exists to show the pornography. The question that is asked of Max Renn in Videodrome is: Suppose you could create your own TV show; what would you create? Would you create Videodrome?

For years I contemplated writing fiction but I had no purpose in anything that I wanted to write. I needed to mature to be able to write material that met the standard of writing with a purpose.

In my business career I achieved a position of being more than the financial controller for the largest exporter out of the Bahamas and working for one of the wealthier organizations on earth and living on Grand Cayman Island. The tasks I achieved during 2004-2007 could not have been achieved by others in the organization. This employment plus five dollars would get me a cup of Starbucks. The question arose of: Where are you going with your life?

It so happened that I walked into a theater and sat through a movie titled Doomsday. My mind saw an unintelligent film that cost a lot of money to produce. My mind said: You can do better than these people are doing! You can create material that provides all the excitement and steam that people crave but with plots and subplots that won’t insult people’s intelligence. The only thing stopping you from doing this is yourself.

Suddenly I had a purpose in writing. My purpose is to "give the people what they want" but in a manner that is unique to what I see going on in the world around me. I would create my own Epistles.

One American Voice

Media Influence on Your Life

On Saturday, January 8, 2010, Jared Loughner opened fire in Arizona. The bullets from his Glock are hardly the first or last bullets fired.

Within 24 hours the largest media outlets in the USA were running stories about how the shot Congresswoman had appeared in a SarahPac ad with a bullseye target over her district. The inference was that the shooting of the Congresswoman was a direct result of the ad being run. If the SarahPac ad had never run then the shooting would never have occurred is the logical stream of thought that must be followed if one believes the news stories.

An interesting aspect of this theorem put out about the shooter being influenced by the SarahPac ad is…what evidence is there that the shooter ever saw the SarahPac ad in the first place? At least when Judas Priest and Ozzy Osbourne and Twisted Sister were all sued for inciting criminal activity or for forcing suicide on some youths there was evidence that the youths who performed those deeds actually owned the music in question.

The question for all people to ponder is to what degree did you or people you know buy off on the media presentation of the story? This is a measure of media influence on your life.

Any of the people who saw stories about the shooting who believe the stories that the shooting is based solely upon a political rhetoric in the USA are mind controlled by the media. The media puts any statement out into the public realm and this statement is believed. Questioning the media is not tolerated.

The last few months have seen the release of Wikileaks documents of Classified US Government documents. Supposedly this has placed a great amount of undercover citizens and operations and US troops in danger. Months later the media has not made people aware of any evidence of deaths having occurred or a collapse of society…but one accepting the media version of the documents would believe that the end of Western Civilization was upon the globe.

The Wikileaks documents themselves provide a fascinating view of media manipulation of minds. Around the globe in press release after press release and media story after media story the leaders of the various countries on the globe are painted in a certain perspective. The Wikileaks documents prove that the media presentation of the US Government and the relation of the US Government to other Governments on planet Earth is hardly what are presented in the media. Yet…citizens of the globe and US citizens in particular are supposed to believe the media presentation of the truth.

The media has been stating for nearly three years now that TARP and Stimulus and Health Care Reform and Financial Reform in the manners that were passed by the US Congress and signed by the Executive Branch were necessary to “save the world.” Do you believe this to be true?

I’m Your Neighbor!

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country!”
President John F. Kennedy

Today in America in Wisconsin and other states public unions are expressing outrage about concessions being asked of the unions to help balance state budgets. To this observer it appears that the various Union responses consist of acting like spoiled babies holding their breath and kicking and screaming to get their way.

It’s interesting to ask oneself how the Union leaderships are acting with respect to President Kennedy’s request that citizens ask what they can do for their country. How is a state legislature running away from their elected duty acting in a manner that benefits the country? How are teachers calling in sick and shutting down school systems acting in a manner other than asking what the country can do for them first?

The mantra from the union marketing machine can be seen in multiple news reports. There is always a single individual who states that they are a lower level government union employee who needs the current deal that they have. The citizenship should agree to this because I’m Your Neighbor!

Most citizens have a retirement age of 65 versus an earlier retirement age for many public union members. It appears that asking government union workers to work as long in life as many other citizens is asking too much of the neighbor.

Most citizens must pay a greater co-pay cost on their medical insurance than their Union neighbor. Most citizens must contribute more to their retirement plan funds to get an equal benefit than their Union neighbor.

Higher taxes levied on the community are the method by which the Union neighbor gets these benefits. The greater the benefit the Union receives then the less money for the rest of the community.

Shouldn’t the community be reminding the Union membership that they are the neighbor of the Union members? Shouldn’t the Union leadership that contributes heavily to the Democratic Party be adhering to the request to do for your country?

Pump That Oil

On Valentine’s Day, 2011, the Financial Times (FT) of London reported that GE had purchased the well support division of Aberdeen-based John Woods Group. FT goes on to state that there are question as to whether GE paid too high a premium for the division. There are questions about whether the premium paid can be made up in the marketplace.

There are only a couple of ways that the premium can be made up. A greater revenue is received for the same cost of the product produced, or a greater product demand for the same price occurs, or the company is run more efficiently so that operating costs (including raw materials) drops, or some combination of the three possibilities.

Regardless, it appears that GE is banking on big oil business in the future. This is the same GE whose CEO is heading up job creation in the USA for the current Administration of Barack Obama.

This is the same Barack Obama who is a member of the Democratic Party beholden to an ideal of global warming as advocated by Al Gore and others. This is the same administration that was championing carbon credits and putting forth arguments for a reduction in the use of fossil fuels.

Doesn’t it seem odd to you that the same individuals involved in publicly stating that there needs to be a reduction in fossil fuel consumption are paying premiums for corporations that are involved in producing more fossil fuels? If GE were to invest in what the public affiliates are stating they should invest in then how could this business investment possible come into existence?

Once again it is a case of do as I say, not as I do.

Silliness in the US Electoral Cycle

One needs only to read through the October 4, 2010, Wall Street Journal to see how the assumption of the stupidity of Americans is portrayed. Certain articles, when taken in composite perspective, “demonstrate” the lack of understanding of much voter anger.

Unions Make Vote Push…But Labor finds Barriers to Energizing Dispirited Rank and File.
“Unions…tout…(candidates)…who will fight for “working people” instead of Wall Street and big companies.”

The failure is that the Unions in the last two years have shown only a desire to be bailed out for poor pension fund and 401K management as well as pushing legislation such as ObamaCare that “rank and file members” are smart enough to know will bankrupt their children’s futures. Union Executives have proven themselves to be lining their pockets just like the Wall Street Executives. Union Membership is not so stupid that they don’t see this.

“Essential” Bailouts

“There will be no more tax-funded bailouts-period”

Most voters are old enough to remember both the Immigration Amnesty of the 80’s and the Savings and Loan Bailout. The voters aren’t buying this crap anymore.

Despite the complaints about the US Educational system many people in the USA do have some intelligence. They recognize that the Fed Reserve keeping lending rates at about 0% to banks who turn around and charges rates anywhere from 5% to 30% is a “pre-constructed game” that guarantees winners of the “big banks.”

The electorate (including union membership voters) is not so stupid to believe that Dodd-Frank will actually achieve an end to “tax-funded” bailouts. Note also that there is no statement about an end to “tax-payer funded” bailouts.

Obama likely to scale back Legislative Plans

“We weren’t able to do a lot of those other things even with this Congress. That obviously calls for a new approach” one White House official said.

With shirt sleeves rolled up and slogan rhetoric flowing the Big O looks like more and more like Hugo Chavez. Considering the impending loss of complete control of Congress…after passing the most massive, unread legislation in US history…the White House quote sounds like an impending Communist takeover by the Executive Branch. The only new approach is to bypass the lost Congress like Chancellor Palpatine bypassed the Imperial Senate. The American is not so stupid that they don’t understand this.

The Failed Economic Policies of the Last 8 Years

This is classic Big O rhetoric…but what does it mean? If one ever notices the failed economic policies are never stated. Is it the Bush Era Tax Cuts? The same tax cuts that the Big O now wants extended?

Tax Cuts for those Earning over $250,000 versus those making under $250,000

In Chavez form the Big O states that the “middle class” needs that tax cut extension but the wealthy do not. The voters know that, in either case, no politician ever shows the Budget impact.

Corpulent Sam is obese, and the US electorate knows it. They quit buying the lies.


It is very humorous to watch the US media agonize over the polls stating that a large percent of the US population believe that the US President is a Muslim. These reports demonstrate the inability of the media machine to think.

It is true that 18% of poll respondents answered that they believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim when asked to choose one of four answers: Christian, Muslim, Other, and Don’t Know/Refused. Given that the President of the USA has obviously irritated much of the US populace is it any wonder that the populace decides to pay back in kind by replying with an answer designed to irritate the President and his supporters?

If one gave the same 3,000+ poll respondents a blank form and asked them to write in Obama’s religion would the same percentage would reply that Obama is a Muslim? No evidence exists of The President kneeling on a prayer rug daily or consulting with an Imam for religious counsel. One striking aspect of this Presidency is the lack of any religious faith being espoused…except the religion of narcissism!

The poll construct feeds the answer, and respondents answer in a manner designed to irritate the faithful. This is because the populace feels betrayed and disparaged by the President; not because they believe he is a practicing Muslim.

Many citizens feel insulted that the politicians and media don’t understand that most religious people know the stories of those martyred for their religious beliefs…no matter the religion followed. They know lip service given when the First Family reportedly never attends religious service for fear of attack….yet date night in New York and visiting a public beach in Spain and many other public displays are not open to the same attack? Religious believers know and see the hypocrisy.

The populace feels betrayed because the promise of Hope and Change was promised with an implication of a better life for citizens and a cleaner Washington DC Modus Operendi. Instead the MO has the public appearance of being worse than under the previous Administrations.

The populace feels disparaged because their voice is not only ignored but their intelligence is insulted by both the political parties and the mainstream media. The politicians appear to have a belief in the Joseph Goebbel’s Big Lie Propaganda school that If we keep telling big lies over and over again to the population that the population will believe the Big Lies. The assumption is that the populace has no ability to think independently.

Much of the media and both major US political parties dismissed the Tea Party movement in America as an aberration. They failed to understand that the Tea Party movement is a reaction for the Hope and Change that many Americans desired when electing Barack Obama. In a similar fashion they fail to see that the poll respondents don’t necessarily believe in the response chosen. Rather, it is a chance to needle those in power politically and media-wise.

The Transparent Bug

During August, 2010, there were news stories reposted on The Drudge Report relating to saving the world from the evils on humanity. One story dealt with artificially creating meat to stop the evil carbon emissions of cattle. Another story dealt with how all people need to eat bugs…not just the humans that currently have an insectivorous diet….to “save” the planet. This is according to the UN which will undoubtedly soon issue more and more news stories like this.

During the same month the UN still has the relief cruise liner Ola Esmeralda moored off the coast of Haiti. One can search the UN website and find no reference to the Ola Esmeralda which is being leased for Haiti relief. This is the same well stocked boat that provides non-buggy foods to dignitaries around the globe that come to visit the relief efforts for Haiti, as well as undoubtedly excellently stocked barrooms.

The month of August also witnessed the “Let Them Eat Cake” tour by the First Lady of the United States. This was the Spanish trip to console a friend who lost a parent coincidentally timed with celebrity bashes, and the need to fly vehicles with US license plates from America to Europe. Undoubtedly many meals of insect larva were consumed during the consolation process for the First Lady’s dear friend who was in need of consolation.

The following week witnessed the jet setting across the United States by the Fund Raiser in Chief seeking money for the political party. There apparently is no concern about the carbon footprint unleashed when seeking money to fight the fight against extensive carbon footprinting. Undoubtedly the food that was consumed during the exhaustive travel likewise consisted of non-insectoid meal material.

How righteous is the righteous mindset of the righteous politician. Whether they are at the top of the political world of humans or they are the herders who shepherd cattle or they are the queens of the ant colony their belief is that Planet Earth will be destroyed by humans unless they save Planet Earth from the humans. Paradoxically the only way to save Planet Earth is to engage in the very behavior that the righteous argue is the behavior that will ultimately destroy Planet Earth. This behavioral pattern seems like a familiar theme. Annually around the globe there seem to be stories of preachers who preach against sin and evil who then proceed to be discovered to be engaging in sin and evil. The difference between the preachers and the politicians is that the preachers engage in their hypocritical behavior covertly while politicians perform profane practices publicly professing puritanical principles. Indeed the logical conclusion that the current time Vulcan Mr. Spock Politician argues is that The needs of the many necessitate the vices of the few.

It is not much of a stretch to think that those who do not subscribe to the notion of Let Them Eat Ants will be disposed of like cattle to stop evil carbon emissions. Artificial meat will take our place.

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